In this video, Tonia talk with business coach, Don Vierboom. Don shares how his business coaching career started and how a coach can help you with rebalancing your business as well as your life. He also explains what work on your business not in it means and other points that author, Micheal Gerber wrote about in the book “E Myth Revisited”.

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At Confident Strides, we believe that if you strengthen the core of an individual, other domains to include relationships and vocation will flourish as a natural byproduct of that empowerment. Our featured video podcast “Coffee with T” on Confident Strides is a 20-minute conversational interview on different topics ranging personal development to business strategy and entertainment to foster empowerment in others.

We believe everyone has story to share. By creating this platform, people can share their wisdom and insight, gain exposure and allow their voices to be heard.


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