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The Organizer's Network

Join A Group Dedicated to Organizers Today!

Welcome Organizers! If you are a fellow Meetup Organizer, this group is for you! We understand the importance of growing a community to achieve your goals, therefore we created this network dedicated to organizers and event hosts who are looking for ways they can best serve their groups, keep their members engaged and grow at the same time. This is also a golden opportunity to meet and connect with other Meetup Organizers to build a collaborative partnership.

We are success-minded business owners who are done with just talking about finding our dreams and improving our businesses and are ready to take action!

The mission of this group is to help improve the lives of women by providing an opportunity and environment to build their belief and confidence as they step into their greatness.

Health and Wellness Advocates. Healthy Habit Creators, Lifetime Learners, Trauma Coaches

Spiritual Healers and Seekers. It’s time to use our collective energy to heal the world.

Meet other professional women to share information, network and support one another! Fun, informative activities including seminars and social gatherings.